Temperature Profilers MTP-5

Revolutionary technology for remote measurements of the air temperature profile up to 1000 meters. Measuring the temperature of the atmosphere in the 1000 m of the Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL) closest to the ground is desirable in a number of application in the science of meteorology and environment. As altitude increases the air temperature falls with a theoretical rate of approximately 6.5oC per 1,000m, but this is influenced by a number of factors. MTP-5 is a remote sensing instrument that measures radiation emitted from the lower 600 - 1000 m of the atmosphere, within the Planetary Boundary Layer. The atmosphere is a strong source of radiation but the changes due to temperature are small, so a very sensitive receiver is required. Unique radiometers and specially designed antennae operating in the 5 mm waveband form the heart of MTP-5.

Atmospheric radiation is measured by scanning in angular steps from horizontal to vertical and the operating software processes the data into vertical height and temperature information. The data is stored and profiles are displayed graphically every 5 minutes, typically showing the temperature at 50 m height intervals.