The Borok Geophysical Observatory Database includes the data, observed in Geophysical Monitoring Laboratory, the division of Borok Geophysical Observatory. All data are freely available for any scientific use. However, the following viewpoints should be taken into account:

  • The basic references to the Borok Geophysical Observatory Database are

    Anisimov, S., V., S.S.Bakastov, Yu.E.Borovkov, E.M.Dmitriev and E.B.Anisimova, 1997: Geomagnetic and Aeroelectrical Measurements at Geophysical Observatory "Borok" in Russia, in Abstracts 8th Scientific Assembley of IAGA with ICMA and STP Symposia, Uppsala, Sweden, p.458.

    Anisimov, S., V., S.S.Bakastov, E.M.Dmitriev and E.B.Anisimova, 1999: Aeroelectrical Measurements in Geoelectromagnetic Complete Set of Geophysical Observatory "Borok", in Proceedings 11th International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity, Guntersville, USA, p.630-633.

    Anisimov, S., V., E.M.Dmitriev, E.B.Anisimova and S.S.Bakastov, 2000: Geoelectromagnetic complete set of Geophysical observatory "Borok", Electronic science-information journal "Vestnik OGGGGN RAN", Moscow, UIPE, URL:

    You can also give a reference to the Borok Geophysical Observatory Database homepage.

  • We would appreciate an acknowledgement for using our data. It can be in a compact form like “We thank Borok Geophysical Observatory for presented data”. Alternatively, you can point to Borok Geophysical Observatory Database, as data source.

  • Indicate clearly what data you use (fluxgate magnetometer data, induction magnetometer data, or electrostatic fluxmeter data).

  • No liability whatsoever is accepted for any loss or damage of any kind resulting from any errors or inaccuracy in the data.

Any questions, proposals and comments can be sent to the Database administrator.