Atmospheric Electric Field Sensor

For precise measurements of the atmospheric electric field, an electrostatic generator is used as a sensor. A quasi-static electric field is transformed into AC signals by means of periodic screening/unscreening of the sensor-based electrodes during rotation of the grounded plate. The electrostatic fluxmeter is designed according to the principle of a constant area of the sensor-based electrode. The construction enables increasing of sensitivity by a differential method of the measurement. For calibration of the device, a calibrating plate is used, which is mounted at a fixed distance from the sensor-based electrodes. Main technical parameters are

  • dynamic range for DC electric field ~80db;
  • electric field noise 0.1V/Hz1/2 for frequency f=1Hz;
  • power supply ~220V, 50W.

Amplitude versus frequency response characteristic K(f) and phase versus frequency response characteristic Ph(f) of electrostatic fluxmeter are followed.

Amplitude and phase versus frequency response characteristic plot.